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Gender MALE
Occupation Medicine
Location United Kingdom
Introduction Ex-hospital doctor of libertarian leanings now retired from the NHS. Has concerns about many, many areas of modern life including, but not limited to, healthcare, global warming (is it real and if so what is the cause?), drug misuse, higher education, whistle-blowing and politics. Cursed with mood swings for many years and latterly severe depression. Escitalopram isn't perfect but is a damn sight more use than any sort of talk therapy. My wife says that since I have been on it it has been the first time I have smiled in 3 years. Has academic and professional qualifications in medicine, an academic qualification in law and professional qualifications in Forensic Science and analytical chemistry. You can guess my religious affiliation from the nom de blog I have adopted. Finally, I cannot answer any questions about your personal health, medication or whatever. Consult your doctor if you have any such questions. I have no advice to give you about consulting NHS Direct, Government Flu-lines or Quacktitioners of various flavours. That is up to you.
Interests Computers, cats, books, film, photography.
Favorite Movies 2001, Serenity, Blade Runner, Raising Arizona, Downfall, A Man For All Seasons, My Cousin Vinnie, Dr Zhivago, Open Range, The Postman, The Good Shepherd, The Strawberry Statement, Open Range, `the outlaw Josie Wales, Dr Strangelove, Guest House Paradiso, Lost in translation, On the beach (original Gregory Peck version), original version of Lolita, Startrek XI, Full Metal Jacket, Motorcycle Diaries
Favorite Music Kiki Dee, Dennis Wilson, Meatloaf, Run Hide Survive, Melanie, Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, Dylan, Baez, Melanie, Tish Hinjosa, Grateful Dead, Gluck, JS Bach
Favorite Books Pattern Recognition, anything by George V Higgins, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Tamberlaine must die, Biothanatos, The Black Cloud, Ossian's Ride, Dr Faustus, John Donne's English poems

Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?