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Gender MALE
Industry Government
Occupation Police Computers & Communications
Location Strongsville, Ohio, United States
Introduction Over 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement,Private Investigation and Security... I have a Crime Scene Investigation Training Background... I was also a Professional Radio Broadcaster & Radio Engineer for several Radio Stations.
Interests I am a High Tech user. I use the latest in High Tech Communications Devices, and other equipment., I also work with computers and Databases. More -> In depth about me -> I work full time for a large police department. I took specialized training for using the FBI NCIC (National Crime Informational Center) computer for identifying missing people. I enter information about unidentified bodies, or body parts. The NCIC computer does a off line search and returns a list of possible matches of people reported missing, which I can forward to our investigators. This is such a exact science, that we can tell brand name of tennis shoe prints and can tell the difference between what shoe prints come from Nike or other manufactories And while there is plain old fashion foot prints (both human and animal) there are no Bigfoot prints entered in the NCIC database. My guess is Bigfoot prints don't line up with the Laws of Physics that spell out height and weight cause a mass of depth of "X" inches of compression in these type of soil. In lay mans terms the original Patterson's casts made in the 60's do not compute or make sense. For a size that was claimed That is NOT to say that a certified investigator could not have examined the original site, documented, photographed and casted professional casts, that WOULD have made the NCIC standards and could have been classified. I am willing to keep a open mind and if the physical evidence ever comes forward, that meets the basic guidelines and standards I will enjoy classifying and inputting said data into the FBI computer network and thus starting the cycle of scientific proof that Bigfoot is real and exists