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Gender Male
Industry Internet
Occupation Web Developer
Location Bellingham, WA, United States
Links Audio Clip
Introduction I like Uniball pens. I like to floss. I like to take pictures. I'm not a morning person. I love flipping my sister the bird. I can make a tasty bread pudding.
Interests The usual crunchy pacific northwest type stuff: running, biking, skiing, eating tree bark. Oh and watching the white sox. Maybe also cooking, reading, movies, getting chased through the forest by a swarm of angry bees, traveling, remembering when I traveled more, hanging out with friends & family, puppies, kitties and unicorns.
Favorite Movies vernon florida
Favorite Music stefan scott, glitterboy, corey fuller, eno, smiths, klf, cult, cave, big business, pogues, radar bros, stars of the lid, his name is alive, exploding hearts, uncle tupelo, big star, black keys, ernest tubb, eddie rabbit, ac/dc.
Favorite Books Sleep Away the Pounds, Black Girl Lost, Twenty Years a-Growing, Solaris, The Endurance, The Tain, Cryptonomicon.

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the rocktards