About me

Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation Retired Librarian/Archivist and Historian/Self-Improver
Introduction Narrledudh,,fartriloquist,oma's favorite grandson, others you see everywhere, everyday, I'm that active. All the best arguments, on any side or topic, are mine. OK, 90% of them.
Interests Contemplation of the Sublime, Slaking of Perverted Lusts, History (mostly military), and music (mostly classical), but not necessarily in that order. Or at the same time, although there was this Czech exchange student, Ms Festrunk was it (?) who was researching a Bohemian musician who was in Memphis in 1861 . . .
Favorite Movies Unhh. Care little any more. Kubrick. They Shall Not Grow Old was good. Woody Allen (the funny ones), Monty Python Death of Stalin
Favorite Music Handel da man. Three B's. Sibelius, Strauss, Nielsen. Big band, military marches. Almost anything else, performed competently. No, really. But when I hit my stride on my walks, I tend to hum "Preussens Gloria" or the like.
Favorite Books C.v.Cl., Nietzsche, Mencken, Orwell, Dawkins. P. Green, J. Lukacs, vanCreveld, N. Ferguson, T. Holland. Barth, Burgess, Nabokov, Updike. Naipaul, Theroux, Raban.

What do you bet I can fit more than one question in here? One. That's one, right? Two. Should that one count? OK, one. Or should we count "Should we count that one?"? No? OK, one. No, two. Back up. All the way? One. You dickhead, give me the keyboard. Should we start over? OK! Where were we? One.