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Industry Arts
Occupation student going on film producer
Location Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
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Introduction i am from a small town in langkawi, a place thats dear 2 my little heart. i love my hometown so much!! i have 2 bestfriends which i will write a lot in this blog "myra" & "eyka". they r the world to me, the most greatest friends i ever had. so, i am just that. a loveabble person, a little optimistic and a little bit rusty over the edge :)
Interests i love music(addicted 2 it), kinda dance(sometimes), drawing, i love to watch people(i'm not a FREAK, just love 2 c different personalities in people.they do shine).
Favorite Movies i love the pirates of the carrabean trilogy, twilight, memoirs of a geisha, kami the movie, & other romantic commedies.
Favorite Music i love punk rock(majorly) & other music 2. my fave artist would be, avril lavigne, lily allen, colbie caillat, & chris brown. my fave band is, PARAMORE, eyes set to kill, april chase, shutup and dance, sum 41, bourjuis, jenny rocket, n the maine.
Favorite Books the host, twilight saga, memoirsof a geisha, perfume:story of a murderer, and i love reading graphic novels and mangas(x peically nana!!!)

why do people look at me like i'm a freak? am i weird? or am i just strange?? well i'm strange and i like it just the way i am!