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Location Brunswick, Maine, United States
Introduction I work in a bakery, trying to improve people's day with a smile, a good latte and good food! When I'm not working, I enjoy watching films, walking the dog and listening to a wide array of music.
Interests music, film, theatre, childcare...specifically early childhood education, religion, family, humor
Favorite Movies in no particular order... the lady vanishes, good bye lenin, the chorus, chronicles of narnia (bbc and new), swing kids, beaches, tales from the city series, it happened one night, the 39 steps, anything renoir, the departed, red doors, saving face, Labrynth, dark crystal, basquiat, bbc stuff, stranger than fiction, aladdin, the green butchers, dirty dancing, the terrorist, the list goes on and on and on...
Favorite Music right now I'm in to- they might be giants, feist, erykah badu, matisyahu, atmosphere, priscella herdman, richard cheese, violent femmes, k.d. lang (hymns of the 49th parallel), classic favorites- the butchies (I am so sad they parted ways), dusty springfield, ferron, tracy chapman, ella, billy, neal and leandra (local MN folk, sooo good) random genres I like- bluegrass, *old* country, punk, post-punk, ska, reggae, soul, 50's and 60's pop and some 70's easy listening, lesbian stuff (especially from the 70's and 80's)
Favorite Books graphic novels-marjane satrapi stuff, maus, castle waiting etc. Tamora pierce, noel streatfield, lois lowry, most memoirs and books about india, as well as diy how-to stuff, almost anything that my brother recommends to me and most of what I pick up

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

there once was a frog. he was not a frog prince as some would expect, but rather a frog librarian and a bald one at that. He liked to dance and sing, but was very shy in front of people. So, every Saturday night he would head out to the Karaoke bar where he donned a wig - a different one each week - and sang to his hearts content. In this way, the Frog Librarian was very happy. The End.