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Location New York, New York
Introduction Sometimes it feels best to define yourself by defining what you are not. I am not an amateur photographer. My house does not look like the inside of an anthropologie catalog. I do not have shaggy bangs, am not stick skinny and though it breaks my heart to admit it, it would be a stretch to consider me "hip". My (darling) husband does not wear thick-rimmed glasses and he refuses to put any kind of product in his hair. I am a thirty-something liberal feminist with a master's degree. My husband and I have given up life with two incomes to live on the cheap. We have chosen this life because I want to be at home with my kids (and I'd like to make it through the last 30 years of Pulitzer Prize winners). We have a darling little girl who mostly wears hand-me-downs. She also sports a Justin Bieber-esque hairstyle and dresses herself. Her favorite outfit is a purple shirt and a red skirt. She has fashionista written all over her. We have a new baby boy who sometimes wears girl hand-me-downs and his favorite place to sit is a pink baby bouncer. It's cool. He's secure in his masculinity. And we are happy.