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Location Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Introduction I want to start a movement of people all taking immediate action in their own lives on Climate Change. According to George Monbiot, we in the West need to reduce our personal carbon footprint by 90% by 2030 which is not currently possible for the average Brit without Government help and legislation. However, what is possible is an immediate 80% cut which would reduce the average personal carbon emissions of Five Tonnes to One Tonne of CO2 a year. Your personal carbon emissions are the ones you can control that come from your house and your personal travel. If you can reduce to One Tonne in your personal emissions you will almost be living sustainably on this planet - you can become a One Tonner. The process is very simple and easy to do - all you really need to do is switch to a Green Electricity supplier, insulate your house, cut down the driving and STOP FLYING! Once you have done these actions you will be well on your way to becoming a One Tonner... email me especially if you are local to Gloucestershire and tell me your tips for making the journey to becoming a One Tonner...