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Gender Male
Industry Internet
Occupation Killer of spammers & midgets, sushi anyone?
Location Arse Arse, Kraphole, Togo
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Introduction What in the heck is Krapsody? Humor, comedy, satire, a medley of militant irony. Not Safe For Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime (NSFAAA). These are my scrawlings about anything I find funny, weird, or want to rant about. Add a dash of sarcasm, spoofs, parodies, some slapstick, some plebian rigmarole, and that gas producing potpourri makes this the place to find out of the ordinary humor. It's All Krap, All The Time. Hey, I didn't say it was EXTRAORDINARY humor, now did I? Suffer Pope!
Interests Hi, here's, a few details-, My interests include, rustic style furniture, frying bacon in the nude, and, backfired enemas..., you wanted something more perhaps?, Okay then., Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start, where was I again?, Nooooo!, I take no responsibility, for offending the easily offended;, for angering, those easily angered;, for scaring, those easily scared;, for beating, anyone about the head, neck, or shoulders., I also take no responsibility whatsoever, for any illegitimate children, I may have fathered during the course of this blog., I have many groupies, y'know., Am I boring you?, Well that's just silly, because I have never "bored" anyone to death that I know of, now have I?, ... what?!!, Where was I??, Oh yes, I'm a male chauvinist pig in sheep's clothing, bent on world domination, sticking it to the man, by running my own comedy website, and I have a tendency to ramble, open mouth insert foot, yours of course because, I like to suck toes, killing spammers, and genetically modified chickens as I go, (that means you)., I live in, the land of Arse, on planet N00b, oops I mean planet Krapsody, and my life, is loosely based, on the life, of Phileas Fogg, by loosely based, I mean I have, no idea in hell, who Phileas Fogg was., Okay all of that was bullshit but it makes for a good background story doesn't it? Sorry for brain fartin!, I am new here., By "new" I mean "'tarded", (oops mentally challenged for those who are pc), and by "here" I mean, "I have no idea where in the heck I am 24/7"..., that's the problem with extreme short term memory., Don't end up with stupid!, Moar?, Converting O2 to CO2, chewing my toenails, watching grass grow, keeping notes, on whom, I am going, to get revenge on next, beer bongs, art, music, comedy, humor, funny stuff, bizarre, weird, my enormous toenail collection, tossing midgets, and more!, y'know, typical guy stuffs..., Am I a F-arse?, But no I am an ass.
Favorite Movies I'm ready for my close up Mr. Demille...
Favorite Music Arse Arse Arse, The Carse, Nine Inch Arses, Radioarse, Sonic Arse, The Arsehole Surfers, Nirvanarse, Arseroid Psychosis, Queens of the Stoned Arse, We Are the Arses, Arse Claypool, Ziggy Arsedust & The Spiders From Arse, Arse Division, Viva Arse, Arsealot, Arserpol, Arses Addiction, A Perfect Arse, Deep Purplearse, The Ramonarses, Arse From Above 1979, The Screaming Arses, My Life With The Thrill Kill Arse, Arse Sex Fiend, My Bloody Arsentine, Madonnarse, I'LL Be Arsed, Lady Gagarse, Led Zepplarse, Vanilla Arse, Chocolarse, The White Arses, Don't Arse Don't Tell, Arse Stevens, Social Arsetortion, Gwen Arsetephani, The Killarse, Smashing Arses, A Total F-Arse, The Living Arse, Depeche Arse, Jimi Hendrarse, Arse in Chains, Superarse, Skinny Arsey, Green Arse, Portisarse, Revolting Arses, Arse at The Disco, Hot Hot Arse, Arse Hog, Arsebox, En Gardarse, Tori Anus
Favorite Books Pop up ones mostly.

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