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Gender MALE
Occupation entrepreneur
Location Egham, Surrey
Introduction Profile Born and raised in various provinces of Afghanistan until the age of 26, I graduated with a degree of civil engineering from Kabul University (School of Engineering was affiliated to University of Wyoming at Laramie) in 1968. I then won a Fulbright scholarship and studied English and American Orientation at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and structural engineering in University of Wyoming in 1968/69. After a while, after travelling through Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran by road in an Opel Rekord settled back in Afghanistan and married an English girl. I then travelled to London and studied environmental/public health engineering at Imperial College, University of London with a scholarship from WHO/government of Afghanistan. The coup de tat of 1973 deposed King Zahir Shah, and I became s refugee. My family of 3 by now and I saw no choice but to settle in England with protection by the British police against threats by the Afghan embassy to kidnap and ‘repatriate’ us to Kabul to resume my post as a WHO fellow and the director of rural water supplies at the Ministry of Health... No more can be fitted in.
Interests Consoliding relationships with 2 sons, enjoying cultural and histiric heritages of London, avid listener of BBC Radio 4 for the past 22 years, taking Saunas
Favorite Movies Forest Gump, Butch Cassidy & the Sun Dance Kid, Easy Rider, old black & white Soviet movies of the sixties, Dead Man Walking, especially for its music towards the end by Nussrat Ali Khan, Eddie Vedder, Gale Lemanski, et al.
Favorite Music Creedence Clear Water Revival, Pink Floyd, Queen, Johny Cash, Barbara Streisand, Joan Bayez, Indain Raag classics, ...
Favorite Books The count of Monte Cristo, various works by Victor Hugo, Jean Paul Sartre, and Bertrand Russell; read in childhood, but forgotten.

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

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