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Introduction Ted and Phyllis here. Soon to be off on our next adventure. This time it’s Ted’s "Walk Across Oregon." He will be slogging and I will be blogging. Ted’s cause, as he walks, will be raising the speed limit on Oregon's limited access roads. "Say no to 55 M.P.H." is his slogan. We estimate his average speed while walking will be 3 M.P.H. Making it a point to rarely agree on anything, I suggested to Ted that he walk from east to west (more downhill). But he wants to walk west to east, so west to east it will be. On May 4th he will stick his “toe in the water” in the Pacific Ocean at Newport and in early June, if all goes well, he will stick his “toe in the water” in the Snake River outside of Ontario. One of my goals this year was to not let technology pass me by, hence the blog. But more importantly, it is an attempt to chronicle the journey. So sit back, relax, and enjoy Blogging and Slogging Across Oregon.