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Gender Female
Location Texas
Introduction I found out a long time ago that attitude is 99% of the battle. I also found that labeling myself positively helped improve that attitude. So while I'm not always Pollyanna I do my best to let my light shine with happiness. I found my true love late in life but I think in some ways that it is better than if we'd found each other earlier on because we appreciate each other so much more due to the wait.
Favorite Music I'm very eclectic when it comes to music. I think it would be easier to ask what I don't like than what my favorites are. I don't like rap and I don't like heavy music that feels depressing or angry. I used to feel that I had to have angry music when I was angry or upset. But I've realized it's better to listen to inspirational music in those times to help me to overcome my anger and see the situation more clearly.
Favorite Books Bonds That Make Us Free, The Book of Mormon, Jane Eyre, Daisy Head Maise