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Introduction I was told that eclectic was the best word to describe myself. What does it say about me that I had to ask? Gah, that's way too much to ponder at the moment. The "sounds mundane but really isn't"- I'm a wife and a momma and I work all day at a job that I'm not completely convinced I understand but seem to be good at. I live smack in the middle of the good ole U.S and everything that goes with that. It's beautiful and charming and the people are friendly if not slightly backward thinking. But in the words of the immortal Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about thay-ut." After all, if I put everything here, what's the point in the blog?
Interests Family, reading, gardening, movies, music, why my ear won't pop and it sounds as if I'm in a barrel, and the Chupacabra - really?