Sui Juris

About me

Gender Male
Industry Law
Occupation Attorney
Location Leonard, MI, United States
Interests Paleo-libertarian/Classical Liberal/An-Cap; Austrian Economics; Blues/jazz/flamenco/classic rock music; Playing blues guitar; Reading non-fiction; Intermittent-fasting.
Favorite Movies Pan's Labyrinth; For a Few Dollars More; Fellowship of the Ring; Super cop; Brave Heart; Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?; The Manchurian Candidate; Planet of the Apes; Lord of the Rings; The Life of Brian; Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail; Ghost; The Sixth Sense.
Favorite Music Blues; Celtic; Flamenco. Stevie Ray Vaughn; Buddy Guy; Albert Collins; Dave Hole; Rod Piazza; Little Walter; Jimmie Johnson; Sarah Vaughn; Benny Goodman;
Favorite Books I Chose Freedom; Almost a Miracle; Economics in One Lesson; Fugitive Essays; The Income Tax, Root of All Evil; The Rise and Fall of Society; Economic Policy, Thoughts for Today and Tomorrow; Anatomy of the State; Nothing to Envy.