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Location Oregon, United States
Introduction I have several blogs, this is one of them. Refer to list of blogs in the menu for the rest. I have a great love for animals in general; animal rights and welfare issues are passions. I am also endlessly intrigued by stories of encounters with cryptids, supernatural creatures, and the juxtapositions, patterns and symbolism of animal-human interactions. I also contribute to many sites: Binnall of America, UFO Digest and UFO Mystic among them, and my column The Orange Orb is published every month in UFO Magazine. I've written introductions and articles for Tim Beckley's Global Commincations publications (Dana Howard's Up Rainbow Hill, etc.) I am currently working on a book about high strangeness bigfoot.
Interests Marian apparitions as UFO/paranormal events, the Contactees, UFO folklore and folkart, Trickster concept in paranormal and UFO events, the Triangles, psychic/telepathic communications between UFOs and witnesses, missing time, Bigfoot, Mothman, MK Ultra, mind control, corporate-global-military-industrial complex, when scientists go bad, uber skepticism, astral/OOBEs, guides, dream journeys, Flatwoods, cattle mutilations, haunted/UFO portals/areas, ghosts and UFO/alien mimicry, alien variations and their messages, Loveland Frog, Jersey Devil.