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Introduction This blog is my attempt to discover and replicate the conception of food eaten throughout the world. I find my greatest affinity for cooking in projects that evoke tradition in the kitchen, oven, food stall, fire pit, bbq, roadside.
Interests This blog is my attempt to discover and replicate the ideation of food eaten throughout the world. This will include: histories, experiments, op-rants, science, recipes, and discussion. I am a big believer of good food with, forgive me for a lack of better words, soul. I shy away from food trends in dire need of substance (re:goji berries), because I just don’t appreciate smoke up my ass. I walk the line between smug San Francisco foodie and squatting brisket noodle slurper. Between the ferry terminal and open fish markets. Between assembling and stewing, truffle salt and fish sauce. I try and get as close to the food as possible. Booking is a both a ritual and scientific experimentation. I love the act of taking a day to collect ingredients and coax out their pungent flavors. I don’t even mind waiting for things to ferment, leaven, cure, pickle, or freeze. My plan is to study until one day these things become effortless. I document these cooking missions because I realize that, as my mother says, more is more. The more notes and reviews and suggestions there are, the better we can get.