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Introduction Truth is the sublime convergence of history and reality. Everything we’re told has a historical context and foundation. Everything we’re told should bear some resemblance to what we’re actually seeing going on in reality. If what’s presented to us fails in either category it’s wrong. All that’s left to do is develop the intellectual response to explain why it’s wrong. It's my view to be green is to be irrational, misanthropic, and morally defective. Diversity without accomplishment is philosophy without form and incompetence without consequence, and has nothing to do with fairness. Global warming isn’t about saving the planet, it’s about imposing a tyrannical socialistic system of global governance on the world. A system that has been shown to be disastrous and morally vacuous forever. They are the barbarians at the gate we must stand against. Our greatest worry is those within who support and facilitate their misanthropic goals. E-Mail:, and any messages will be considered public domain.