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Industry Consulting
Location North America
Introduction Primary interest is seeing that the best of humanity survives long enough to reach the next level.
Interests Cognitive Science and Human Intelligence, Evolution of Complex Systems and Networks, Life Extension, Creativity and Invention, Irony of Paradox, Future Technologies
Favorite Movies Groundhog Day, Terminator 1, Being John Malkovich, Local Hero, Brade Runna
Favorite Music Baden Powell (Bossa Nova Guitar), Latin Jazz Fusion, Keb Mo, Norah Jones, Corelli (Baroque), Tangerine Dream (Electronic), Tannahill Weavers (Celtic), Los Romeros
Favorite Books Godel Escher Bach, Society of Mind, Brothers Karamazov, Hyperion Cantos, Ender's Shadow, Rhythms of the Brain, Kite Runner

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