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Location Mid North Coast New south Wales, Australia
Introduction So, who or what is Colinas? It took life as a Sydney garden. But today, it is on the beautiful Mid North Coast of New South Wales. Colinas is an acronym for a home, a partnership, a combination of our two names. It means ‘Hills’ in Spanish. Our garden is also a fusion, just like the name - a fusion of our cultural and national backgrounds. One born in Malaysia, who loves the sweetness of tropical fruits and the intoxicating perfumes of Asian flowers, trees and shrubs. The other born in Australia, with a similar love for Asian flora, but with a consideration for the local wildlife. These, then, became the themes of the garden: a productive and self-supporting Asian garden, which could sustain and attract the local insects, birds and reptiles. In planning, we referred to it as our future ‘hutan’ or jungle.