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Introduction All marriages suffer problem in their relationship. Conflicts are common and should be expected. Just take inventory from often to determine if your spouse are you want to
Interests Couples who have broken up but still love each other would need relationship help to make things right again. The couple may have shared much love and joy and had probably invested a lot of emotions and efforts into making the relationship. Unfortunately, not all relationships are smooth and if they are unable to resolve their conflicts, things would take a turn for the worst. If you are the one who wants to break up with someone, do consider doing it gently. Your partner had shared love and joy with you and you had shared the same. Breaking up gently with your partner would be a way of showing appreciation by reducing as much hurt as you can. Your partner may not understand your intentions immediately, but in time, things are better understood. Consider finding a suitable place to initiate the break up. It is usually advisable to do it in a public location where there are several onlookers and you two are forced to keep your composure and avoid any embarrassing situations. Also a break up is not something delightful to dwell on. Once you have spoken your mind, do your best not to linger and give your partner a chance to sway your mind. However, after breaking up, you should consider remaining contactable. As written before, your partner once shared love and joy with you, and though you two are not continuing as lovers, being friends is still something pleasurable, so consider being a friend to your partner and help each other as you two did before entering a relationship. Do not do anything to provoke your partner either, because unexpected twists may occur, and you may regret making your partner angry or embarrassed before. If you feel that you want to get back into a relationship with your partner, this would be one of the reasons why you should continue maintaining a good non-romantic relationship with your partner. Some of the things you would want to do is talk to your partner again. Share your thoughts about how you want to be together.