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Introduction I am the author of: But He'll Change: End the Thinking That Keeps You in an Abusive Relationship, published by Hazelden. My abusive relationship lasted for almost 20 years. During that time my abuser used tactics to isolate me, instill fear, and hook my emotions to keep me in the relationship. I left that relationship, feeling that I didn’t know who I was or what I liked and needed. I didn’t know what healthy thinking was -- he taught me that taking care of myself was selfish. There were no books that addressed what I wanted to know. So I wrote one. Whether you leave or stay in the relationship, But He’ll Change can help you recognize the truth amid the chaos your partner creates to keep you hyper-vigilant and focused on him. Then you can make the best decision for yourself and, if applicable, your children. Since 2001, through my area shelter, I have been a speaker on domestic violence (DV) in communities and schools, and trained medical personnel how to screen patients for DV and help victims.