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Gender Male
Location Oslo, Norway
Introduction I was born in 1966, and can therefore no longer be called young and promising, more likely old and in the way. I used to be a music journalist, a despised reviewer of bad albums (especially by the people who made them), an enthusiastically kind reviewer of good albums and amazingly enough liked by a few people. There've been some years since I did any professional music writing, but for some time now I've been doing daily updates on Facebook where I've recommended one song per day. There are no rules to this exercise. I write about any song that pops into my mind, never taking into account what kind of genre it belongs to, if it's especially hip or not, where it's from, etc. The one really good thing about not writing professionally about music is that you can listen to exactly what you want, and even more importantly, not listening to things you don't want to. Getting your money from another source than music writing is highly recommended even if you don't get as many free albums as you once did. However, at times I miss doing it, and that's the motivation behind this blog. I hope you'll enjoy it!