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Introduction Max is a beautiful, happy 2 yr old and to look at seems a perfectly healthy boy. Max has a multitude of health problems one of them being that he is 100% tube fed, therefore does not eat or drink. He has an 'oral aversion', a fear of things in his mouth. This stems from Max's traumatic start to life. Born at 34weeks with a rare condition called lympheodema he spent his first few months months on life support. By the time he was well enough to be intruduced to bottle feeding, he didn't want anything to do with it, he'd lost that instinct and he feared it. The only way to feed Max was though a tube that went down his nose, throat and into his stomach. At 6months old he had a PEG button put into his tummy and this is what we still feed him through. Six months ago my friends, family and I started 'A Mission for Max' to raise funds to get Max to Graz in Austria. Here they have a feeding clinic, the only one in the world like it, to wean tube fed kids off the tube and on to normal oral eating and drinking and to help them overcome their fear. We arrived in Graz on Dec 28th 2011 and Max started treatment at the Graz Hospital on Jan 2nd 2012.