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Introduction I've been a portrait artist since high school. I'm proud to say that one of my drawings is displayed in the museum of modern art in NYC, my first accomplishment. I've always loved doing crafts of all kinds in between my art work. I also designed beaded jewelry for years as well. My passion is interior design, I just love it. I'm totally loving the Shabby Chic/Vintage look because to me it's very artsy and you can get very creative with it and go so many ways with it, I also love re-doing furniture as well. I used to keep scrapbooks as a teenager (the old fashioned kind) and loved it so now I'm giving this a try and so far loving it. I've watched so many great tutorials on you tube that totally inspired me. I see so much talent out there and I hope I can do well with this. I'm gonna give it my best shot. I love creating and designing that's always been my passion. I have a 23 yrs old son Christopher who is my biggest blessing in my life and 3 yrs ago was blessed with my little yorkie, Kobe who I adore.
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