About me

Introduction What would you like to know? Basically, I’m 48, married to Andy, and we have 3 children (Alexander and Katherine together, and I am also the evil step-mother of Laura). I have a few constraints on my cooking, one voluntary, one not. Voluntary – we are a vegetarian family. Ovo-lacto, if you want to be precise. Non-voluntary – my daughter Katherine is a Type 1, Insulin dependant Diabetic. Normally, I’m cutting sugar and fast-acting carbohydrate out of recipes as fast as I can, and I hope that I can make the recipes I do as suitable for her as I can, without compromising the taste.
Interests Reading, cooking, sewing, Sci-Fi, real science, sewing.
Favorite Movies The Goodbye Girl, The In-Laws, most of the Star Trek films, Stargate, Jaws, Bridget Jones Diary, 12 Angry Men, Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven.
Favorite Music Classical music, Genesis, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Carly Simon, James Taylor, America, Supertramp.
Favorite Books The Belgariad & The Mallorean, anything by Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, Marion Bradley, Arthur C Clarke, MC Beaton.