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Gender Female
Introduction Hmm.. 20+, single, funny, fat, female, Pampered daughter, well-cared sister, close-to-heart best friend, funny and silly friend, jolly neighbor, social networking junkie, dog admirer, cat hater, shopaholic, cricket crazy, mad hoydon, accessory lover, harry potter nerd, terrible student, teacher's pet, bookworm, emotional freak, fatso, compulsive foodie, incessant talker, not soo bad doctor, compulsive hugger, laptop lover, music maniac, sleepy, lazy arse, dreamer, gyan guru, TV n Movies addict, good girl, bitch...
Interests life, friends, reading, writing, love, movies, tv, YOU
Favorite Movies Movies and TV are like a limb to me. i dunno how i will survive without it. add gadgets and internet to the list. movies.......i take all kinds. romantic comedy action suspense drama...bollywood hollywood mollywood... u mention. but please dont mention HORROR! i cant handle that. gross!! so is boring and tamil movies.
Favorite Music classical, melody, pop and soft rock. the hard variety gives me headaches. AND OUR BOLLYWOOD TOTALLY ROCKS!!!
Favorite Books Everything which i can read.(pretty much. even i have limits!!). Range from emotional dramas to chic lit and children's books to medical journals. Romance is accepted in what ever forms it arrive.Hmm... favorite?? Too many to mention. If i said one, it would be betraying the other.

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

no. that is because the song my alarm is set to, is actually enjoyable.