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Industry Student
Introduction I am a builder of castles on clouds, a dream catcher. I am a shape-shifting vixen who's true identity has yet to be discovered. I belong to another era, of womanly silhouettes, romantic train journeys, and bakelite jewelry. I spend my winters studying in Scotland, and my summers lounging in Southern California (with dual citizenship). I have the itch to travel - to see the all the exotic corners of the world, and those which can only be accessed through the pages of my love-worn books. My obsessions range from painted objects from Oaxaca, Mexico, to anything from Anthropologie or vintage, looking for antique typewriters and Singer sewing machines, or experimenting with my hair, makeup, and old clothes. I make dyslexic and misspelled spoonerism, and have strange fears (i.e. my fear of cankles). This blog is for things I love; things that have caught my eye. If you happen across "The Usual Suspects" (think Casablanca), forgive me my ramblings.
Favorite Movies The Big Sleep, Casablanca, Frida
Favorite Music The "Once" Soundtrack
Favorite Books The Shadow of the Wind, The Thirteenth Tale

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

If they were, spoons would no longer exist. Sporks, on the other hand, are what happens when a spoon and a fork get together. So here's the big question: are spoons and forks the same species? or are sporks setrile like mules? [I'm a science nerd]