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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Sysadmin
Location Edgewood, NM, United States
Introduction I'm superficially very much like a garden rake with a wig on. I'm told I have deep brown eyes (my family have a theory as to what is making them brown). I like to think that humanity's destiny in the universe goes beyond an organic rising and falling; that we are more than clever compost. But I suspect this on my worst days. I think Art and Truth are good things, and believe they exist. Despite this I have a healthy cynicism. When a person is encouraged in any way to do their worst, they usually do.
Interests discworld, scifi, fantasy, wow, worldofwarcraft, liberty, economics, comupters, games, D&D, comics, webcomics
Favorite Movies Serenity, Boondock Saints, Princess Bride, LotR, Big Trouble in Little China, Flight of Dragons, Legend, Solider, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead, Spider Man, Sin City, 300, V for Vendetta
Favorite Music Rush, Queen, AC/DC, Dream Theater, Faith No More, Bon Jovi
Favorite Books Small Gods, Men at Arms, Witches Abroad, LotR, Repairman Jack