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Gender Male
Industry Accounting
Location United States
Introduction I load sixteen tons and what do I get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go. I owe my soul to the company store. You know, 74 people have viewed my profile so far. I have to believe that's like the same 3 people, because 74 different people can't be interested in me, right? Well if so, ladies, feel free to e-mail me and tell me how hot you think I'd sound like I'd be from my blog!
Interests Comic Books, Movies, Cartoons, Anime, Wifey, Booze, Video Games, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Metal Gear, TV, Flight of the Conchords, Heroes, Wine, Women, Song
Favorite Movies Transformers, Sin City, Kill Bill, Princess Mononoke, Shawshank Redemption, Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights, 40 Year Old Virgin, Spirited Away
Favorite Music Ben Folds Five, Ben Folds, Muse, They Might Be Giants, The Strokes, The Rolling Stone, The Who, U2
Favorite Books Harry Potter, Fast Food Nation, Jurassic Park, Robotech