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Industry Student
Occupation Used-ta-be lifeguard, Wanna-be-photographer, Will-be-journalist
Location Logan, Utah, United States
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Introduction Once there was a old man in the TSC trying to sell newspaper subscriptions. Except he had pretty much given up because what poor college student has money to subscribe to the paper? Then, one day a girl, who could or could not share my name, passed and asked if she could buy three months of the Deseret news. His eyes grew large. student?! She then made his day, and also got a five dollar gift card to the bookstore, which will buy 1/27 of a textbook. What a swell deal. I'm just a college kid who loves NPR, The New York Times, and Pasta. I plop when I walk. I cough like a man. Instead of singing in the shower, I like to talk to myself. My worst enemies are cotton and The Lord of the Rings. I also like to smile when I'm not all hopped up on textbook reading.
Interests The smell of newspapers, money, Midol, swimming, basketball, sleep (on occasion), males, Statesman, Aggie Basketball, runnning, reading, obnoxiousness, socks, and as of the start of the school year walking. Like I have a choice.
Favorite Movies No Reservations, Singing in the Rain, Rocky (1st and 5th. Don't bother seeing the other ones), Blind Side, August Rush, Back to the Future, 500 Days of Summer, Anna and the King
Favorite Music She and Him, The Smiths, Sufjan Stevens, The Killers, Daphne Loves Derby, Death Cab, Yellowcard, Dashboard, Philip Glass, Yellowcard, Disco Curtis, Jack Johnson, Switchfoot, Cheri Magill, Yellowcard, Josh Groban Oh yes. Can't forget my Early Baroque and Gregorian Chants. I'm afraid only music majors will understand the irony.
Favorite Books Way, way too many to list. Tennis Shoes, Biography of Michael Phelps, Roots, AP style book (HA!), Les Miserables, All the Stars in Heaven NOT: My overpriced biology textbook or Jane Austen. I'm convinced you can't like her and Mark Twain. It goes against the laws of nature.

Describe the sound of a moist waffle falling onto a hot griddle.

The same sound that I will make when I fall into my super-hot, one true love's arms. Yum.