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Occupation Nutrition Student
Location San Francisco, California, United States
Introduction I am a Nutrition student who happens to have a slight obsession with calorie counting and a fixation with fiber to boot. What has happened to the major food groups in America scares me. Crops are grown to make money, instead of facilitate a healthy population. They are genetically modified and sprayed with poisonous chemicals. They are fed to cows, chickens, and pigs, in addition to us humans. They are making all of the above sick. We (yes, all of the above, again) are fed antibiotics by farmers and doctors, respectively, and perpetuating a cycle of sickness and ill health. Nothing is untainted. The crops are tampered with, the animals eat the crops. The animals are also tampered with (think chickens with 8 breasts, living in their own excrement), we eat the crops, the animals, and the animals' produce (eggs, milk, cheese), and wash it all down with a few bags of factory made, nutrient-deprived, over-processed, well, junk. It's time to make some changes.