About me

Gender Female
Occupation I am a mommy. I cook, clean, referee, chauffeur, and love.
Location Rockwall, Texas, United States
Introduction I'm a SAHM with three little monkeys. One in particular likes to jump on the bed. Since we put bunk beds in his room and he'd rather not knock himself out on the top bunk(It only took one good whack on the noggin to learn that valuable lesson.), he jumps on his big sister's bed. She tattles, when she isn't jumping with him. And I'm rambling. About me...I enjoy photography and take tons of pictures. I like to read. When I find time, I actually read something other than board books or picture books. Grown-up books like mysteries and sleazy romance novels are my favorites. I love sports, playing outside, dancing, painting, reality tv, the beach although it's far, far away, and hanging with my little monkeys. They always make me laugh! In my old life before kids, I was a teacher and coach. I gave up that teaching assignment for this one...the biggest one of my life.