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Gender Male
Occupation Stay at home dad
Location Princeton, Texas, United States
Introduction A Catholic who follows Rome & the Magisterium. I'm against gay "marriage", abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, human cloning. Altar girls, Communion in the hand, Eucharistic Ministers and "Protestant" music in the Church doesn't bother me at all. A proud American retired submarine sailor. Our borders should be secured with a 10 ft. high fence topped by concertina wire with minefields out to 20 yards on both sides and an additional 10 yards filled with warning signs outside of that Let's get energy independent NOW! Back Israel to the max, stop appeasing followers of the Pedophile Prophet. Pro 2nd Amendment, pro death penalty, Repeal all hate crime legislation. Back the police unless you'd rather call a hippie when everything hits the fan. Get government out of dealing with education, childhood obesity and the enviornment. Stop using the military for sociological experiments and if we're in a war don't micromanage their every move. Kill your television, limit time on the computer and pick up a book. God's will be done and may He have mercy upon us all.
Interests My family, faith, politics, current events.
Favorite Movies Dead Again, The Usual Suspects, The Road Warrior, Das Boot, Once Upon A Time In The West, The Passion of The Christ, Blazing Saddles, Animal House.
Favorite Music Anne Murray, Nana Mouskouri, Alice Cooper, Gordon Lightfoot, Pat Benatar, Simon & Garfunkel.
Favorite Books Lord of The Rings, any Matthew Scudder mysteries by Lawrence Block, Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Harry Potter.

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

Marshmallow? Dragon steak is on the menu boys!