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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Documentry Filmmaker
Location United States
Interests ***Disclaimer*** if you know me in the real world don't take anything i say in this blog personally. this is simply an outlet for me. i am not an aggressive or confrontational person and i just happen to express myself better through writing. but please don't get it twisted, if i am pissed off at will know. i am not one to talk shit behind someone's back which is why i post the web addy to this blog everywhere. it's my uncut, unedited, raw, and honest feelings. i don't use names for a reason, but i always say if you feel like i'm talking about you, then you are probaly right. if you have a problem with it, please by all means confront me and let me know. honestly, not a lot of drama goes down within my circle, we are all pretty much fun people just trying to live beyond our dreams. so 98% of the time the things in this blog are about my crazy life. so i love you all. and just take it as it is, nothing more...nothing less!