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Introduction For a start, going separate ways at the moment doesn’t mean end to relationship. It allows the space to reflect on relationship problems after having lived away. It buys time remedy problems and get the relationship back.
Interests Start your relationship anew. If you need to, seek help and get guidance on how to resolve your problems and save your relationship. There many resources online to give you information and advice on how to rebuilt your relationship stronger and happier than ever. It does not have to remain that way. Even most relationships that seem to be broken can be put back together with time and hard work. Times of trouble within a relationship can be highly stressful. There may be times when each of the parties involved feel that no hope exists for the relationship. It may seem easier just to call it quits and walk away from the relationship. In most cases, however, there is a love bigger than the problems at hand and methods that can be used to save the relationship. Healing a broken relationship can be a monumental task. As with any difficult task, it helps to break the work down into manageable pieces or points of focus. The points of focus when working through relationship problems fall into two fairly broad categories. These are communication and patience. Proper communication is vital when healing a broken relationship. It is not productive when every discussion escalates into a battle. For communication to be effective, it must be carried out in a respectful manner. You do not have to agree with each other, but you must be respectful. Respectful communication involves listening to the other party and trying to understand their point of view. Each party should be willing to ask and answer questions to help increase understanding of each others' viewpoint. It means not interrupting when the other party is speaking. It means not using derogatory or hurtful language. Respectful communication may even mean agreeing to disagree.