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Gender MALE
Location Native and Indigenous to Planet Earth; Fully-fledged Citizen of the World!
Introduction I am a Serb from Croatia living in Britain; I come from a region in Croatia called Lika, specifically from the area of Gračac; and I've been living in England for most of my life, hence the good English. Regarding the name of my blog, I agree with the main principles of Anarchism: anti-statism, anti-authoritarianism and anti-totalitarianism. Personally, I see a world without states and borders — in particular, the Balkans without any of those troublesome things — as a just solution for many of humanity's problems. Being realistic, though, I'm not expecting such a society to be established any time soon, or even during my lifetime. Nevertheless, it is still an honest and noble ideal, which I think should be given greater consideration. I am generally left-wing and liberal. I strongly oppose war and violence. My blog, as you can guess, focuses on the Balkans, particularly the former Yugoslavia where I came from. And through this blog, I intend to delve into both the political and moral issues that many people from that region face, whether they live there or not! Learn more about me on my Who am I? page.
Interests Balkans, Lika, Gračac, Kistanje, Croatia, Serbia, Britain, Luton, Politics, Anarchism, Life, Comedy, Art, Music, Poetry
Favorite Music Folk music, Gypsy music, Sevdalinka, Turbo-folk, Dance, Trance

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