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Industry Science
Location Onsala/Lund, Sweden
Introduction Researcher in Building Physics, knitting to balance life. Lives in Sweden and prefers cicular knitting Scandinavian style. Married to Henrik - to tall to knit sweaters for, especially since he prefers wood chopping and making fires in our furnaces to keep warm. Three knitting teenagers at home - Cicci - soon 15 knitting South African style and likes black and red punkstyle things, Renny - turning 13 knitting in a more American style - provides his classmates with halfgloves with yarn from my stash and Neil - turning 20 - our American bonus son who has learned to knit in a Swedish style - just like me. My life also includes my mother - knitting socks and gloves in stckinett stich and Ruff - the dog with enough fur to not need anything knitted.
Favorite Movies Anything in the "rom-com" section - Notting Hill, Pretty woman....
Favorite Music Anything good - Jakob Hellman, Lars Winnerbäck, Green day, the Real Group and singalong friendly pop. And for cleaning the house - Swedish punk from '80's
Favorite Books Anything that clears my mind, either by being really good or by being off when it comes to reality - like love stories....

You're in the grocery store with a broken cart. How will you ever be that hungry?

Start manufacturing fantastic moisture buffring plastics with unknown properties and use the earnings to create a research scholarship...