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Introduction I am a clinical social worker for half the week, triaging behavioral health crisis...Everyday of the week I am a (mediocre, imperfect) mom, wife to an attorney gone too many hours, maid, zumba junkie, runner, gardner, mower, shoveler, Pomeranian owner/lover, chauffer, appointment setter, activity coordinator, non-church going agnostic, liberal "can't we all just try to get along?" thirty-something woman.
Interests I am interested in Dog the Bounty Hunter, Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, Kate Plus 8. I am interested in that guy at the bike store. Watching Andi toddle around. Sometimes morbid things interest me, like the obituaries or news of tragedy. Other times I really like studying books on human motivation and potential. Food interests me greatly. This one lady at my gym who always walks around with her nostrils flaring, lips permanently pursed in an "o" shape, her chest puffed up, and her eyes narrowed as if she can't look at us meager amateurs also tends to interest me. Making "to do" lists is soothing to me, as is shoveling, or even watching others shovel. This is all just to name a few.
Favorite Movies "Pride and Prejudice"-that one with Keira Knightley and that cute guy opposite her. I don't have time to watch much else.
Favorite Music It tends to change. I get sick of a song I loved and move on. I rarely if ever know titles, artists, and most times can't even make out the words correctly.
Favorite Books Success Principles: How to Get From Where You are to Where You Want to Be

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