Don't Make Me Call My Flying Monkeys!

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Industry Maritime
Occupation I would love to work on a tall ship, but I don't.
Location Racine, WI via Seattle, Kansas City, Mamaroneck, Winnetka, San Jose, Chicago and a smattering of the Virgin Islands.
Introduction If the monkeys can't fix it, it just can't be done.
Interests Twisty slides, mini foods, the impossible project, wild hair moments, and making it up as I go.
Favorite Movies The Tall Guy, The Man Who would be King, 10 items or less, Alien Child, It's a Wonderful Life, Disney Animation (except for Snow White)
Favorite Music OK this has nothing to do with music but this had to be addressed....... I hate Snow White due to the extent of her stupidity and helplessness....oh yea and her obnoxious voice. I guess it is the overall impression that she gave me. I am thinking that she needs some assertiveness training and maybe a self-defense class or 10. While we are at it a voice coach might do her a world of good. OK, I'm done and thank you for your time.
Favorite Books Every one that I have started and never finished.

What's the earliest you've gotten up to watch cartoons and what did you see?

Max and I were up at 5:45am watching Johnny Quest. I don't remember much of it, but I am sure it was exciting for someone.