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Gender MALE
Industry Technology
Occupation Student
Location panchkula, chandigarh, India
Introduction I do personality shift rounds on a bimonthly basis. Best hobby ever.
Interests drawin' wafer-thin women in provocative clothing, singin in relative solitude, grantin interviews lasting hours in an absolute one, conjuring the most outlandish theories without any reason or thought, swearin at people who'd choose to disagree, moving/ scampering forward in life, ribbin an everybody that follows, making people feel like sea-slugs if they dare mispronounce, slaughter them if they go gramatically incorrect, humor those better still, being obscenely self-involved, and being shameless about it, being unapologetic about an almost everything, lamenting relentlessly at everything and everyone wronged, cajoling own self on happiness and joy, trusting thoughts deemed in an imaginative state experience all happening, liking strangers to an extent of dangerous obsession, loathing bein' disappointed by the total ordinary in them later, swearing at my college secretly dreadin what I'd do without it, talking obscene and being liked for it, designing innovative swearing techniques, choosin to make my life more dramatic than an ABC show, telling people Paris Hilton totally deserves being kicked in the womb, sitting every single lonesome night chatting/blogging wishin in the hollows of my heart for these four years to end.
Favorite Movies I always recommend before sunrise and before sunset to every piece of intellectual shit I come across. My actual fav movie is Austen Powers.
Favorite Music Bad question.
Favorite Books Worse.