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Gender Male
Location Massachusetts, United States
Introduction I would not describe myself as an expert kayaker in any way, but I do have some hard won experience and a unique perspective that might be valuable to some. I have been kayaking and waveski surfing for many years now, and the differences in my boats and the conditions in which I paddle provide a unique contrast, and sometimes compliment, to each other. I'm also very independent in how I source my gear, how I fix it, and what I recommend. I don't think you'll find quite the same perspective elsewhere. I like things that last, that don't break, that don't cost a ton of dough, and that are dependable. Sometimes, that means I sacrifice on weight and performance, but I'm willing to make that trade. I can't stand anything in life that's too "precious" to take a couple knocks, and my paddling life reflects that. I hope you might find something useful on my blog, and I look forward to maybe learning something from you. Regards, TB on the Water
Interests Kayaking, waveski surfing, the outdoors, New England, beer, whiskey
Favorite Books Antifragile, Blood Meridian

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

Flexibility. Expansion is limited to how big something is when it becomes a burden. Flexibility can expand or contract - or change shape.