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Gender MALE
Location Greater Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Introduction I'm just a dude. I like to cook, blog about cooking, grow ficus', blog about that too, listen to music, play video games, watch cartoons, play guitar and hang out with my girlfriend.
Interests cooking, animals, cooking animals, books, music, science, video games, house plants
Favorite Movies 70's-80's horror, MST3K, Godzillas (Japanese ones), The Princess Bride, Christopher Guest movies, Night of the Living Dead (original)
Favorite Music Metal, blues, ska, punk, big band, psychobilly
Favorite Books All of them. Books are the best thing that civilization has created. I mostly read, pop-science, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, Clive Barker, Carl Sagan, Issac Assimov, Carl Zimmer, Larry Niven, Harry Harrison, William Gibson, Raymond E Fiest, George R R Martin, David Eddings, Jarrod Diamond, Robin Hobb, Neil Stephenson, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, it just keeps going...

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked.

Because no one has knitted me one yet.