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Industry Arts
Location Dallas, TX, United States
Introduction I used to be an opera singer living it up in NYC. Now I am a SAHM in Dallas starting a business making amazing custom flashcards for preschoolers. I would rather sing in my shower and have a home business than sing in an opera house 1000 miles away from my family. My sugar-daddy is a computer consultant. I gave birth to Munchkin 1.0 in July of 2005 in less than 3 hours with no meds. WOOHOO! It's my claim to fame. AND I taught my husband to squeegy the glass after every shower with no pain meds...although it took longer than 3 hours and was much more painful. I don't really care for cats...they're too moody and I don't like that much competition. There is only room for one diva in this house. I like dogs as long as their bark sounds like "WOOF" and not "yip". I hate wearing make-up and only do so when I am auditioning or otherwise need to impress people who might give me money. I cook a full breakfast every morning complete with pancakes/waffles/French toast and sausage/bacon and eggs...all organic, of course. I'm weird that way.