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Introduction In Latin America, revolutionary movements often name themselves after a fallen martyr (FSLN in Nicaragua named for Sandino, FMLN in El Salvador named in honor of Farabundo Marti, EZLN in Mexico named in homage to Zapata). So during the dark days of the George W. Bush Administration I got to wondering what fallen martyr might be the symbol for the revolutionary aspirations of the American (U.S.) people? For me the natural choice was Bobby Kennedy. As Hendrick Hertzberg once wrote, " "Robert Kennedy's most extraordinary accomplishment -- and it was extraordinary -- was to embody in himself, and create in others, a kind of transcendent yearning for the possibility of redemptive change." So I named this site RFK Action Front. My goal is to imagine a world where Bobby Kennedy is still alive and to ask the question, What Would Bobby Do? when it comes to the most pressing political issues of our age.