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Gender MALE
Occupation freelancer
Introduction Hey :/ My name is Doug, and welcome to my blog.If you're offended by gay content, please don't read the writing blog as it's not likely to be your thing. I'm very open about that, and I'm also the sort of person that is easy to make friends with and I can be a very good friend as well, someone to talk to bout most anything so don't be shy! :/ You can see links to my photo blog and Youtube further down the main page. I write about characters, relationships, first loves, first losses, the stuff that makes life what it is, both awesome and awful. A lot of the situations are based on things I've experienced myself.
I believe very much in inhabiting the characters while I write them. Hopefully this project benefits some people who might be dealing with these situations themselves to get some perspective. From time to time I'll also do graphic art on this blog or post some photos, though the focus here is writing. I hope you enjoy my work and I'm always interested in critique (as well as return the favor if you like). I'm also open to collab projects as well.
Interests food, music, wine/alc, artistic stuff, photog, cute boys :p
Favorite Movies the road; the departed; where the wild things are; otto; up with dead people, caché, newcastle, fight club, queen of the damned, requiem for a dream, downfall
Favorite Music metal, electropop, rock, punk, emo/goth, alternative most anything
Favorite Books l'etranger, jenseits von Gut und böse (beyond good and evil)

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