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Industry Education
Occupation Professor/Bartender
Location Richmond, Virginia
Introduction Heavily tattooed old punk rocker and weird movie aficionado, as well as cat enthusiast, hair dye addict and drinker of copious amounts of wine. If I don't have my ass parked on the couch, watching something crazy from the seventies with a vino in hand, there is something wrong with the universe. I occasionally take a break from drinking and watching movies to grade papers and bring people food and pour them drinks, but normally, I'm happiest at home with my six fur children and a box of cheap cabernet. Crank up the Misfits loud, pick your poison, and join me!
Interests horror movies, horror lit, eurosleaze, vintage smut, really bad movies, italian horror, emanuelle, VHS tapes, animals-invading-the-human-sphere movies, vodka, tattoos, circus sideshows, taxidermy, Paul Naschy, wunderkammer, Halloween, Doris Wishman
Favorite Movies Squirm, Frogs, New Years Evil, La Noche del Los Mil Gatos (Night of 1000 Cats), Night of the Werewolf, Fury of the Wolfman, Jaws, Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, Female Vampire, White Zombie, Mondo Trasho, Pink Flamingoes, Multiple Maniacs, Desperate Living, Female Trouble, Jurassic Park, Suspiria, Back to the Future, Bad Taste, Virgin Among the Living Dead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Panic Beats, Human Beasts, Crimson, Frankenstein's Bloody Terror, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Friday the 13th, the list goes on and on and on....
Favorite Music the misfits, the cramps (RIP Lux), joy division, bauhaus, hot chip, vampire weekend, ratatat, seabound, colony 5, skinny puppy, apoptygma berserk
Favorite Books bret easton ellis books, chuck palahnuik books, nightmare USA, books about vampires that don't have anything to do with twilight or teenagers, david wellington books, edward lee books, jack ketchum books, joe r. lansdale books, house of leaves, the raw shark texts