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Gender Male
Location Alexander Archipelago, Southeast Alaska
Introduction Anke and I live aboard WAYWARD, our T32x8 ketch. We sail by wind, tide and muscle in the waters of mid- to northern Southeast Alaska. We try to maximize the joys of life, and minimize the chores. ........ We live between the communities of SE Alaska, but drop in to visit with friends. ........ We're working toward a subsistence lifestyle, somewhat impeded by addictions to coffee, chocolate and cheese. ........ We think TEOTWAWKI is looming, and while we won't be ready, we'd at least like comfortable seats. Our personal TEOTWAWKI is definitely approaching in the guise of older age. We're prepping our fleet and assets in the face of one or more decades of declining abilities, aiming to live happily on or very near the water until the end!
Interests Anke; good friends; doodling, building and sailing boats; plunkin' banjo; philosophy; wild speculations.
Favorite Movies Harold and Maude, Mediterreano, King of Hearts, Crumb, A Very Long Engagement, It's a Wonderful Life, La Vita e Bello, Down Periscope, Aliens, King of Masks, The Color Purple, ...
Favorite Music Folksy, Bluesy, JugBand, Medieval, Maritime.
Favorite Books The Tao of Pooh, Salt on the Wind, Riddle of the Sands, The Recursive Universe, Goedel/Escher/Bach, A Wizard of EarthSea, The Education of Little Tree, The Humanist Bible, Wind Sand and Stars, The Name of the Rose, The Rubbaiyat, ...