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Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Location United States
Introduction It needs to be on a list or I won't remember to do it. My baby, whom I often refer to as my little angel, seems to consume large parts of my mind and I tend to get caught up with her. Thus forgetting whatever it is you asked me to do in the first place. Which is why I need it written down. I like lists.
Interests photography, flying, scrapbooking, jumping, blogging, learning, pottery, eating, reading, watching things, riding horses, falling down, drawing, painting, playing guitar, watching worms crawl, hiding, seeking, making, looking words up in dictionaries, laughing as hard as I can, hiding clocks, pushing buttons, talking, crafting, learning html, cutting my hair, walking around, watching squirrels, setting the table, washing dishes, puddle jumping, whistling, stapling, drinking water, counting, filming, gardening, finding feathers, eating ice cream, warm baths, finding things, being silly, meeting people, playing with kids, dogs, horses, hot drinks, falling leaves, new shoes, remote controls, snow, things that make noise, noses, husbands, books, ice cream, hot days, awkwardness, post-it notes, slippers, flowers, books, cameras, cats, garden hoses, dandelions, paper towels, ice-cream headaches, sun sets and rises, juice, people in orange shirts...