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Occupation mother to many
Location Oregon
Introduction girl + dark red lipstick + black tights + plastic glasses + 1 handsome and bearded husband + 5 crazy children + a little drama + 0 free time + 0 meat + an intense hate for surprises + several thousand marbles + a fear of the dark + way too much caffeine + terrible night vision + a flower for my hair + a tendency to cry while watching Sesame Street and marching bands + 1 awesome sailor tatoo + a love for Jesus + 1 black minivan + a little garlic + a "cube" of wine = ME... sort of.
Interests Scrabble(only if I win) and other slow moving board games, laughing more than is probably called for, shopping (probably more than is called for) for clothes at thrift stores, finding things for my husband to photograpgh, helping my little people learn about this crazy world they live in, story telling, swimming, vegetarian cooking, baking, dinner and cocktail parties, finding pictures in clouds, jewlery(sprakle and shine......sparkle and shine!), change, fruits and vegetables, looking at beautiful things, marbles, poetry, did I say cocktail parties?
Favorite Movies I don't really like movies. I used to pretend to but I really just don't. People love to fight me on this... but it just is what it is.
Favorite Music changes daily........ The Cure, Smiths, ramones, Squirel nut zippers, Captain Bogg and Salty, The Beatles, David Bowie, Death Cab for Cutie, anything sung by my friend Becca....she could sing the theme to Gilligan's Island and it would make me cry, Suzanne Vega, Jill Tracy, Pink Martini, old show tunes, opera, Cake, Frank Sinatra, anything written by Cole Porter, music that makes me want to twirl around the living room.....like Combustable Edison, the list goes on and on and on........I am really liking the Juno soundtrack right now.