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Gender Male
Location San Francisco, CA
Introduction The earliest memories I have are of traveling with my parents. From road trips to long flights, I always remember being on the move. After living in dozens of towns, up and down both coasts, and a few foreign counties, traveling became an unavoidable part of my life. However, the day I came home from college, stacked high with student debt and no income, I thought for sure those days of flying and exploring were long gone. Little did I know though, that my mom had always been looking out for me. She had signed me up for loyalty programs every time we flew. After all the random airlines we had flown, it wasn't as exciting as I had anticipated when I looked up my points. It turned out though that after a few round trips to Japan, I had accumulated just enough points for my first reward ticket. After days of frustration, hours on hold, and countless travel sites, I finally had my first "free" ticket across the country. I've been absolutely hooked since then. Now my family takes multiple trips every year and points and miles are always in the mix. We have been able to go places and experience things we could never afford on our budget.